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Franz Neudeck´s work is based on his visual senses and therefore on his collection of photographs. He converts coincidently found images into abstract paintings, drawings and even architecture. He always elaborates sensitive details and sometimes transfers these findings back into photography again. Finally all works are a transformation of coincidence into precision.

Born in Gelnhausen, Germany, he studied Architecture at the Technical University of Darmstadt. He lives and works in Frankfurt and from time to time in London. In 1994 he established his own studio for architecture, photography and conceptual art
. His artwork visualizes the emotional side of his technical works.

“I work on my projects with the idea of a highly detailed outcome. Therefore I start a meditative and at the same time analytical process of elaboration. A strong will for harmony and composition but also emotion and coincidence
are combined to a finally precise result. One of the main principles of harmony is tension. You may not find a harmonic solution for anything without adding some tensing aspects. And since emotion can be sensed as being another principle of harmony, I consider tension and emotion as two major components of my work.”


Franz Neudeck, 2015

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